April showers bring May flowers. Right?

Growing flowers from seeds planted weeks or even months ago takes more than just a few drops of rain. A fair amount of TLC is required as well.

As business people and entrepreneurs, we need to cultivate our connections with the same care and focus. Here are four specific and to-the-point ways to do just that:

Four Simple Tips for Cultivating Connections

Talk less, listen more.

Great connectors are active, appreciative listens who genuinely want to know more about the person they are talking with.

Ask thoughtful questions.

It’s only by understanding what your connections really need that you can find meaningful ways to help. Be specific. Instead of “How can I help you?” ask “Who is your ideal client?” or “What is your greatest challenge right now?”

Share your knowledge, skills and gifts.

Give people the information and tools to help them prosper. Don’t promote your services. Instead, take time to educate, encourage and support your connections by sharing what you’ve learned in your own business or profession.

Show up.

The old adage is true: Eighty percent of success is showing up. Whether its attending an open house for a friend’s business, cheering at a Little League game sponsored by your local insurance agent, or watching a colleague cross the finish line, your presence is noticed and appreciated.

More About The Connector’s Way

Want more simple tips for cultivating connections and building better relationships to increase loyalty, referrals and sales? Check out The Connector’s Way: A Story About Building Business One Relationship at a Time. At just 104 pages long, it’s a quick read with valuable lessons for business professionals in every industry.

Good luck cultivating your connections!