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The secret to business success is surprisingly simple. Regardless of your position or industry, whether you work for yourself or for a company, people choose to do business with you and refer their connections to you when they know, like and trust you.

Through interactive keynote presentations, workshops and breakout sessions, Patrick Galvin inspires audiences and provides them with the strategies, ideas and tools to create the connections that galvanize success.

A Message for Every Industry & Audience

Business relationship building belongs to everyone. Not even the most technical, data-driven workforce operates in a vacuum and Patrick’s message, combined with his business experience, resonates with audiences across industries. Patrick has a demonstrated record of success speaking to insurance, credit union, mortgage and real estate companies. He has also delivered well-received presentations to audiences of financial professionals, engineers, lawyers, manufacturers, marketers, retailers, and software developers.

Patrick’s Most Popular Topics

The Connector’s Way: Building Your Business One Relationship at a Time

The most successful professionals are those that build strong relationships with their customers, prospects, team members, and referral partners. Patrick shares seven simple yet powerful rules for building relationships in the real world and online from his book The Connector’s Way that will galvanize your success.

In this program you’ll learn how to:

  • Nurture body and mind create to positive energy and enthusiasm that allows you to build strong relationships and attract new business
  • Seek out individuals who you expose you to new ways of thinking
  • Ask your customers and professional connections how you can be of service
  • Serve others without consideration for how you will benefit
  • Exceed expectations
  • Let people know how they can help you succeed
  • Be grateful

Beyond Networking: Cultivating Your Real World and Online Connections

While most professionals agree that networking is an important way to strengthen connections with customers, prospects, and professional connections, many avoid it because they find it awkward or self-promotional. Connecting, on the other hand, is about developing and cultivating long term, meaningful relationships.

In this program you’ll learn how to:

  • Find groups that offer the best opportunities to make connections
  • Maximize the value of the groups and organizations that you join
  • Develop a strategy for creating connections that is actionable and measurable
  • Build long-term trust that increases the likelihood that people will do business with you or refer business to you
  • Leverage underutilized yet highly effective LinkedIn strategies for relationship building

Galvanizing Your Business with Word of Mouth

Every day, Americans engage in more than two billion conversations about the products, services and organizations that they like and dislike. When customers hear good things about your business, their loyalty increases and they are more likely to refer their friends, relatives and professional connections. Positive word of mouth is twice as effective as most forms of paid marketing for attracting new customers.

In this program you’ll learn how to:

  • Stand out from advertising clutter
  • Create meaningful ways of supporting your community that generate enthusiasm from existing and prospective customers
  • Monitor the quality of your word of mouth in a methodical yet low-cost way
  • Give your customers reasons to spread positive stories about your business
  • Ask for referrals from your customers in a way that strengthens relationships while generating quality leads

Other popular topics include:

Delivering Remarkable Customer Service

Creating and Inspiring a Team that Goes the Extra Mile

Building Strong Personal Brands that Reinforce Your Company’s Brand

Patrick never gives the same presentation twice and takes pride in customizing his presentations to meet the needs of each client. We encourage you to speak with Patrick so he can tailor a program that will achieve your objectives.


Patrick’s presentations will help your employees build better relationships with your customers to increase their loyalty and the likelihood that they’ll refer their friends, relatives and colleagues. Mortgage companies and real estate firms across the country report that Patrick’s presentations and workshops have had a powerful impact on overall growth while increasing employee engagement, boosting talent attraction and retention, and improving employee health and happiness.

Interactivity & Support

Every presentation is highly interactive which makes it easier for audiences to retain new ideas and put them into action. Participants might find themselves engaged in one-on-one discussions, brainstorming best practices in small groups, and creating and committing to personal action plans. Handouts can be provided with summary information, activities, and reading recommendations. Follow-up programs to ensure sustained impact can be custom-designed for your organization.


When you hire Patrick as a speaker, he will:

  • Learn the priorities of your organization and your event
  • Interview a cross-section of prospective attendees to assess their needs and include their stories
  • Deliver an engaging interactive presentation that provides lasting value
  • Interact with audience members after the presentation
  • Galvanize your audience to greater levels of success

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