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An accomplished professional speaker and TEDx presenter, Patrick Galvin delivers keynote presentations and business relationship building workshops for mortgage and real estate companies throughout the United States. Patrick is also the co-founder and chief galvanizer of The Galvanizing Group, a learning and development company in Portland, Oregon. In addition to a long-term client partnership with Fannie Mae, Patrick has worked with mortgage and real estate professionals at Banner Bank, BECU, CLM Mortgage, Community Mortgage Funding, The CORE Training, First Tech FCU, Guild Mortgage, Golden Empire Mortgage, Homestar Financial Corporation, Keller Williams, SchoolsFirst FCU, and Sierra Pacific Mortgage, among others. Building on the timeless business principles of The Connector’s Way and The Trusted Way, of the popular book series The Way, Patrick’s live and virtual presentations offer practical takeaways for anyone who seeks to grow a thriving business through strong, trust-based relationships.

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Video Testimonials

Shayla Gifford, branch manager of Guild Mortgage in Reno, Nevada and a coach with The CORE Training, shares her thoughts about Patrick Galvin’s presentation on “The Connector’s Way: Building Your Business One Relationship at a Time” delivered to loan officers and their referral partners.

Trevor Hammond, NW regional manager of Sierra Pacific Mortgage, discusses Patrick Galvin’s keynote at a summit for his lending team and their referral partners including realtors, financial advisors, insurance agents, accountants and attorneys.

Sandra McDowell, president of CLM Mortgage in Houston, expresses how pleased her team was with the takeaways from Patrick Galvin’s interactive four-hour seminar on business relationship building at their annual sales conference.

Matt MacGillivray, regional vice president of Guild Mortgage in Columbia, South Carolina, shares his observations on the 90-minute interactive business relationship building seminar that Patrick Galvin led for 120 loan officers and their referral partners.

Matt Coles, Regional VP of Sales for Plaza Home Mortgage, summarizes highlights from Patrick Galvin’s fireside chat with Plaza Home Mortgage EVP Jeff Leinan, at the 2021 Annual Convention of the National Association of Mortgage Brokers (NAMB) in Las Vegas.

Julie Johnson, branch manager of Guild Mortgage’s South Lake Union office in Seattle, shares her thoughts about Patrick Galvin‘s business relationship building workshop for 130 people including loan officers and their referral partners.

Marketing Manager Sarita Smith takes a moment to talk about working with keynote speaker Patrick Galvin who addressed an audience of mortgage loan officers at Homestar Financial Corporation’s annual conference in Georgia.

Popular Presentation Topics

The Connector’s Way: Building Your Business One Relationship at a Time

What if everyone in your audience, at your company, or on your team learned how to build and maintain better internal and external relationships? In this interactive and dynamic presentation, Patrick shares simple yet powerful rules for building relationships in the real world and online following the principles of his popular book, The Connector’s Way: A Story About Building Business One Relationship at a Time.

In this program, you will learn how to:

  • Nurture body and mind to create the positive energy and enthusiasm that builds strong relationships and attracts new business
  • Seek out people who expose you to new ways of thinking
  • Be of service to your connections without consideration for how you will benefit
  • Show up, follow through, and exceed expectations
  • Ask for and receive reviews, recommendations, and referrals to grow your business
  • Cultivate an attitude of gratitude

Special pricing for The Connector’s Way and/or The Connector’s Way Academy (audio course) for all attendees.

The Trusted Way: Building a Life and Business of Character

What constitutes ethical business behavior? What does it mean to do the right thing? In a world that stretches the limits of truth and fairness, these questions hold the key to personal and professional success. Patrick draws on the lessons of his popular book The Trusted Way: A Story About Building a Life and Business of Character to teach audiences how to earn trust and build strong and meaningful connections.

In this program, you will learn how to:

  • Measure the impact of trust on your personal and professional trajectory
  • Manage four key variables that determine your trustworthiness
  • Evaluate your thoughts, words, and deeds toward others using The Four-Way Test
  • Earn trust-based referrals
  • Build and maintain a network of trusted connections

Special pricing for The Trusted Way (print or audio) for all attendees.

The Virtual Connector’s Way: How to Build Business Relationships When You Can’t Meet Face to Face [ONLINE KEYNOTE]

Automation, disintermediation and disruption: The way we work is rapidly changing. Does your team have the relationship building skills they need to succeed? Patrick leverages the timeless principles of his popular book The Connector’s Way to give audiences practical tools for building trust and connecting virtually with clients, prospects, and colleagues when geography, workplace structure or other circumstances make it difficult to meet face to face.

In this program, you will learn to:

  • Build strategic relationships while working remotely
  • Leverage technology to generate positive energy and enthusiasm required for authentic connection
  • Master video conferencing to build meaningful professional relationships
  • Create opportunities to connect with others online
  • Ask for and receive reviews, recommendations, and referrals to grow your business
  • Use low and high-tech approaches to show gratitude and build goodwill

Special pricing for The Connector’s Way and/or The Connector’s Way Academy (audio course) for all attendees.

Strategic Relationship Building: How to Succeed with SMART Goals

Everything you want to achieve in business is connected to other people. Expert relationship builders—or connectors—know this. They start with the end in mind to align their relationship building activities with clear and specific goals that focus their efforts and increase their chances of success.

In this program, you will learn how to:

  • Use the S.M.A.R.T. (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-Bound) criteria to set clear and specific business goals
  • Develop a strategic and intentional approach to relationship building
  • Identify and manage your connections to achieve your goals
  • Create a personal roadmap for relationship building success
  • Stay accountable to the goals that you set for yourself

Beyond Networking: Cultivating Your Real World and Online Connections

Networking is an important way to build relationships with customers, prospects, and professional connections, but many people find it awkward and self-promotional. Connecting, on the other hand, is about developing and cultivating long term, meaningful relationships.

In this program, you will learn how to:

  • Find the best opportunities to make valuable connections
  • Maximize the value of member groups and organizations
  • Develop an actionable and measurable plan for creating connections in the real world and online
  • Build long-term trust to increase repeat and referred business
  • Leverage underutilized yet highly effective online strategies for relationship building

Interviews with Mortgage & Real Estate Leaders

Mortgage Coach Dave Savage & Patrick Galvin

Mortgage Coach’s Dave Savage and guest Patrick Galvin discuss Patrick’s book The Connector’s Way with practical takeaways for mortgage professionals seeking to build a thriving lending business one relationship at a time.
Watch the video here.

Patrick Galvin The ONE Thing Podcast

The ONE Thing’s host Geoff Woods talks with Patrick Galvin about goal setting and why we need to be intentional about relationship building if we are to grow our businesses and be of service to others. Listen to the podcast here.

Patrick Galvin Author Mortgage Podcast

Patrick Galvin talks with mortgage loan officer Suzanne Caldeira about business relationship building in the age of COVID-19 and how to achieve your growth goals through better relationships. Watch the video here.

Patrick Galvin Beyond Mortgage Podcast

Just as interest rates drop, they will increase. In this two-part episode of Beyond Mortgage with host Dan Trinidad, Patrick Galvin talks about forming client bonds that stand the test of time. Watch the interview here.

Patrick Galvin speaks with Xperience Growth founder Chris Suarez about the secret to building an experiential life through real estate. (Hint: It’s all about strong, trust-based relationships!). Listen to the podcast here.


Patrick Galvin Real Estate Rock Stars

Real Estate Rockstars host Matt Templeton speaks with Patrick Galvin about ways to use technology to enhance rather than replace meaningful one-one-one connections. Listen to the podcast here.


Attendees walk away from Patrick’s keynotes and workshops with the strategies, tools and motivation to build better business relationships. Patrick’s presentations have had a powerful impact on audiences around the country with clients reporting increased business growth, higher employee engagement, increased talent attraction and retention, and improved employee health and happiness.

Interactivity & Support

Patrick never delivers the same speech twice. Customized to meet the needs of each client, Patrick’s highly interactive presentations make it easy for audiences to retain new ideas and put them into action. Participants might find themselves engaging in a one-on-one discussion, brainstorming best practices in a small group, or creating and committing to a personal action plan. Handout materials and follow-up programs to ensure sustained impact can be custom-designed for your organization.

Please contact us to discuss having Patrick tailor a program that achieves your objectives.

Working with Patrick

Mortgage and real estate speaker Patrick Galvin will customize a keynote speech or workshop program for your organization and/or event based on the powerful relationship building lessons from his bestselling business book series, The Way.

Here’s what mortgage industry and real estate professionals have said about Patrick’s speaking programs:

We were extremely lucky to have Patrick speak to over 175 of our mortgage loan originators about relationship building. He shared a number of easy and practical ideas that our people were able to implement immediately. In the world of clicking the button to place our order, Patrick has a refreshing take on building and leveraging relationships for maximum advantage. I highly recommend seeing Patrick speak and reading his book, The Connector’s Way.”
Joe Ewens, EVP Production, Golden Empire Mortgage (California)

“Patrick presented on real world and online networking to our entire mortgage sales force. His presentation was engaging, interactive and powerful to foster new ideas, change behaviors and grow our business. How do I know? Within two weeks of the presentation, multiple loan officers had gained new contacts, joined networking groups and/or directly received referrals because of their actions.”
Rob Walworth, Director of Mortgage Sales, BECU (Washington)

We had standing room only. There were 130 people in the room and everyone was mesmerized!
Shayla Gifford, Branch Manager, Guild Mortgage (Nevada)

I met Patrick at an event for top producing mortgage and real estate professionals. I was drawn to his message and how he’s truly someone who believes in building a relationship business. The principles are so spot on that we decided to host a video simulcast with Patrick, and I couldn’t have been more pleased with the response of our attendees as well as the additional nuggets I was able to get for my business. I’d recommend Patrick to anyone who’s looking to build a better business one relationship at a time.”
Suzanne Caldeira, Vice President, Shamrock Financial (Rhode Island)

We learned so much from Patrick about relationship building—and that’s really the industry that we are in. I knew his presentation was a success when I looked around the room and saw that no one had picked up a phone the entire time. People leaned on every word he said.
Matt MacGillivray, Regional Vice President, Guild Mortgage (South Carolina)

“We had Patrick speak to all our mortgage loan officers across the company about networking and leveraging social media to increase referrals. Patrick was easy to work with and met with us prior to the presentation to customize the content to meet our needs. After two days of back-to-back presentations, we asked our loan officers who their favorite speaker was and Patrick was at the top of the list. Many went home that weekend and implemented the recommendations that he provided. He is engaging, and provides clear, easy-to-implement ideas that any loan officer can take to enhance their business. I highly recommend Patrick as a speaker to any credit union or financial institution.”
Tony Ingram, Regional Director, First Tech Federal Credit Union (Oregon)

Patrick was the keynote at our sixth 10X Growth Summit and it could not have gone better. The feedback continues to pour in from real estate professionals, financial professionals and mortgage professionals who rated this event the highest of any previous event and alluded to the value of Patrick’s talk and the principles in his book, The Connector’s Way.
Trevor Hammond, NW Regional Manager, Sierra Pacific Mortgage (Oregon)

We got so much out of this workshop because Patrick had people talking and engaging with each other. Some people have even been reading his book in-between breaks!
Julie Johnson, Branch Manager, Guild Mortgage (Washington)

To learn more or customize a program for your organization, please contact Patrick here.


When you hire Patrick as a speaker, he will:

  • Learn the priorities of your organization and your event
  • Interview a cross-section of prospective attendees to assess their needs and include their stories
  • Deliver an engaging interactive presentation that provides lasting value
  • Interact with audience members after the presentation
  • Galvanize your audience to greater levels of success