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A professional presenter for 27 years, Patrick Galvin is also the co-founder and chief galvanizer of The Galvanizing Group, a learning and development company in Portland, Oregon. He presents to insurance carriers, agents, and associations across the country and has keynoted for Big “I” events in Oregon, California, Washington, Oklahoma, Michigan, and Texas. Patrick is a frequent guest contributor to Independent Agent Magazine, the official publication of the Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers of America (IIABA). He is also the author of The Connector’s Way: A Story About Building Business One Relationship at a Time which features an insurance agency owner as its central character and is part of The Way series of books. Patrick’s live and virtual presentations offer practical takeaways for anyone who seeks to grow a thriving insurance business through strong, trust-based relationships

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Video Testimonials

Jack Hertvik, president of SIA® of Northern Ohio, describes Patrick Galvin’s live keynote at his organization’s annual conference and the enthusiasm that independent insurance agency partners showed for the presentation.​

Gary Hines, EVP and COO at The Agency Collective, explains how Patrick Galvin tailored a dynamic keynote presentation that met the specific needs of his members and helped ensure the success of his organization’s first national conference.

Lance Larsen, regional vice president of the independent distribution channel at Ameritas, describes the content and delivery of Patrick Galvin’s virtual keynote and panel discussion on relationship building as well as the rave reviews from both.

Independent insurance agency owner Victor Gonzalez, who has heard Patrick Galvin speak on multiple occasions, shares his enthusiasm for these presentations and how a simple, effective idea he learned has powered the growth of his business.

Jim Perucca, executive vice president of the Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers of Oregon (IIABO), explains why he invited Patrick Galvin to speak at the insurance association’s annual conference on four separate occasions.

United Group Alliance CEO & Co-Founder Steve Hopkins talks about Patrick Galvin’s “Building Your Agency One Relationship at a Time” keynote presentation at his group’s 2023 annual member meeting in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio.

Director of Sales Michael Riley shares why he selected Patrick to speak at AAA Insurance Agency of Washington’s annual sales conferences virtually in 2021 and 2022 and the impact that Patrick’s relationship building presentations made on his agents.

Insurance Industry Partnerships and Links

Patrick Galvin is a frequent contributor to Independent Agent Magazine, the official publication of the Independent Agents and Brokers of America (IIABA). Articles include How to Reinvent the Referral, Seven Tips to Master In-Person Networking, and Four Ways to Improve Your Relationship-Building Game.

Patrick Galvin Insurance Industry Speaker Grange Insurance

In collaboration with Grange Insurance Association in Seattle, Washington, Patrick Galvin produced a 15-part educational video series to provide insurance agents with strategies and tools for building strong, trust-based relationships and fueling sustained growth for their agencies.

Popular Presentation Topics

The Connector’s Way: Realizing Your Potential through Purposeful Relationships

Technology has made communication across time and space easier than ever before, yet loneliness is at an all-time high. There is also growing concern about artificial intelligence taking away jobs. Fortunately, success is within our control.

Drawing on his relationship-building parable, The Connector’s Way, and business background, Patrick offers thought-provoking examples and practical strategies to nurture the transformative power of genuine connections. These are the connections that lead to personal growth and career advancement.

In this presentation, you will discover actionable ideas for building relationships. From cultivating a strong support system to fostering collaborative partnerships, these strategies will help you achieve a higher level of personal fulfillment and professional success.

Special pricing available for The Connector’s Way (print book or audiobook) and/or membership in The Business Relationship Building Academy for attendees.

The Trusted Way: Maximizing Your Personal and Professional Success through Ethical Relationships

Understanding what constitutes ethical business behavior and knowing how to do the right thing are crucial in a world that often challenges the concepts of truth and fairness. These questions are essential for achieving personal and professional excellence.

Leveraging the timeless lessons from his parable, The Trusted Way, Patrick offers ideas on earning trust and building meaningful connections. This presentation will guide you on the path to understanding the factors that determine your trustworthiness.

By developing a higher level of trust, you will find it easier to build a strong network of connections, and you will earn their recommendations and referrals. Your ethical behavior will have a positive impact on your colleagues and contribute to the growth of your organization.

Special pricing available for The Trusted Way (print book or audiobook) and/or membership in The Business Relationship Building Academy for attendees.

The Virtual Connector: Building Meaningful Relationships in a Remote World

The business landscape is evolving rapidly with technology, artificial intelligence, and remote and hybrid work becoming increasingly prevalent. Do you have the relationship-building skills you need to succeed while working apart from others?

In this presentation, Patrick draws on the timeless principles of his parables, The Connector’s Way and The Trusted Way, to provide practical ideas and tools for building trust and establishing virtual connections with clients, prospects, and colleagues. These insights are especially valuable when geographical constraints, workplace structures, or other circumstances make face-to-face meetings challenging.

By learning the lessons of building trust-based relationships remotely, you will be equipped to create a professional environment that fosters collaboration, communication, and connection. These skills will contribute to your ability to thrive in a virtual work setting.

Special pricing available for The Connector’s Way and The Trusted Way (print books or audiobooks) and/or membership in The Business Relationship Building Academy for attendees.

Beyond Networking: Connecting for Maximum Growth Opportunities

Networking plays a crucial role in building relationships with customers, prospects, and professional connections. However, many people find traditional networking to be awkward and overly self-promotional. On the other hand, connecting focuses on developing and nurturing meaningful, trust-based relationships.

In this dynamic presentation, you will learn effective strategies to make connecting with others a pleasant and productive experience, regardless of whether you consider yourself an introvert or an extrovert. The session will guide you in setting expectations and adjusting your mindset, enabling you to cultivate genuine connections.

By implementing a relationship-building action plan, you will discover how to build a high-quality network of connections. This approach will not only help you grow client loyalty and referrals but also significantly enhance your enjoyment of networking activities.

Special pricing available for The Connector’s Way and The Trusted Way (print books or audiobooks) and/or membership in The Business Relationship Building Academy for attendees.

Working With Patrick Galvin

Insurance industry speaker and TEDx presenter Patrick Galvin will customize a speech or program for your organization based on  powerful business relationship building lessons, including those from his book The Connector’s Way: A Story About Building Business One Relationship at a Time which features an insurance agency owner as its main character

“Patrick totally energized our members during his keynote address – especially our young agents! The highest testimony to Patrick was simply stated by one of our members, “I want to hear more!” Patrick is wonderful to work with. He interviewed several of our members in preparation for his session and built what he learned from them into his content and recognized their contributions during the session. He is one of the best speakers I have seen take so much time engaging our members before, during and after his sessions. We highly recommend Patrick!”
Cathy Cinotto, Events Manager
Independent Insurance Agents of Oklahoma (IIAO)

“Patrick’s presentation at our 117th Annual Conference and Trade Show really connected with the audience of Texas Independent Insurance Agents. His easy, genuine manner combined with his depth of expertise on the subject was well received by participants who were attending from across the great state of Texas. Attendees I spoke to seemed excited about putting his practical ideas into use.”
Rick Bondurant, Director of Management Resources
Independent Insurance Agents of Texas (IIAT)

“At the annual convention of the Michigan Association of Insurance Agents, Patrick gave a thought provoking keynote address with an engaging follow-up breakout session. Both were hits. He also did his homework by talking with a handful of our members in advance which wonderfully personalized his presentations.”
Mary Gardner, Executive Vice President
Michigan Association of Insurance Agents (MAIA)


For organizations that wish to purchase bulk copies of The Connector’s Way for their agents and teams, consider what the following insurance professionals have to say:

IIABO Ad with Insurance Industry Speaker Patrick Galvin

“I have read many leadership and sales books over the years and without a doubt this book has the most useful tools of any of the other books I have read. This is an easy read that takes you on a journey that many people in sales and leadership have experienced. The tools introduced in this book can be applied to every aspect of your life.”
Keith Herron, Vice President of Operations, Personal Lines Insurance
HUB International Northwest (Bothell, WA)

“I loved this book! Patrick does a great job of showing how connecting can make all the difference in jumpstarting your business. This book works for anyone…eager rookie or grizzled veteran. It’s well worth your time!”
Bob Rosson, Insurance Agent & Chief Financial Officer

Timmco Insurance (Portland, OR)

“This great book reminds us how important relationships are to business. It contains excellent examples that explain what to do and how. I bought books for our producers; however, one of our customer service representatives read it and said that everyone in our 50 person office should read it. This book is a must read and can be read in a short amount of time. Well worth it!”
Wolter van Doorninck, Partner
Elliott, Powell, Baden & Baker Insurance (Portland, OR)

“Patrick has written a wonderful book that can really help the small business owner in this age of disintermediation. It is a fast read that is a must for small business owners like insurance agencies, real estate offices, CPAs, etc. Patrick has provided the reader with takeaways which can truly help them build their revenues and increase the asset values of their businesses. The book provides simple yet effective ways to make business connections and bring new clients in the front door. Outstanding!”
Bob Horn, Director of Marketing

Grange Insurance Association (Seattle, WA)

“The book is a great read that I found captivating. I loved how I learned about networking, customer service and being genuine and looking for ways to serve and give – that will reap benefits. It is also very heartwarming and will undoubtedly inspire you in ways that you don’t expect from a business/sales book. I highly recommend this for anyone or any organizations looking to make a difference in how they and their employees embrace their customers and communities.”
Terrence Bedford, Sales Director – Pacific Northwest

GuideOne Insurance (Kirkland, WA)

“Working with Patrick in a workshop environment was engaging and beneficial to our sales team. Reminding us of the importance of building meaningful relationships and the work that must go into that process was a great way to end our sales summit. Having a takeaway in the form of a book that tells a quick moving story of relationship building in action will only drive home the point.”
Garth Hamilton, Chief Sales Officer
HUB International Northwest (Bothell, WA)


Patrick galvanizes listeners with strategies, tools, and motivation to build better business relationships. His presentations have had a lasting impact on audiences around the country with clients reporting increased business growth, higher employee engagement, increased talent attraction and retention, and improved employee health and happiness.

Interactivity & Support

Patrick never delivers the same speech twice. Customized to meet the needs of each client, Patrick’s highly interactive presentations make it easy for audiences to retain new ideas and put them into action. Participants might find themselves engaging in a one-on-one discussion, brainstorming best practices in a small group, or creating and committing to a personal action plan. Follow-up programs can be custom designed to ensure sustained impact.

Please contact us to discuss to discuss having Patrick tailor a keynote, general session, workshop, panel discussion, or virtual presentation that will educate, inspire, and engage your attendees.


Hire Patrick as a speaker and he will:

  • Learn the priorities of your organization and your event
  • Interview a cross-section of prospective attendees to assess their needs and include their stories
  • Deliver an engaging interactive presentation that provides lasting value
  • Interact with audience members after the presentation
  • Galvanize your audience to greater levels of success