The Connector's Way

The Philosophy

The Connector’s Way is a philosophy and a growth mindset born out of the belief that great relationships are the difference between success and failure in both business and in life.

The Book

Patrick Galvin’s The Connector’s Way follows the journey of a struggling business owner who discovers seven simple yet powerful rules for building business one relationship at a time.

The Programs

The Connector’s Way Cohort Coaching Program and Online Learning System build participants’ business relationship building skills while holding them accountable to measurable goals.

Great relationships are the difference between success and failure in business. That’s the lesson that Robert Hanson, owner of a struggling business owner, learns in The Connector’s Way: A Story About Building Business One Relationship at a Time by Patrick Galvin (Joseph Rudolph Publishers, 2016). By following the advice of two surprising mentors and the natural connectors he meets through them, Robert uncovers powerful relationship-building secrets that have long eluded him…even though they were always in plain sight.

Whether you’re looking to move ahead in your career, build a business or grow a team, this book will galvanize you into action and provide a clear path to success. Available in print, Kindle and Audible formats on Amazon.

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The Cohort Coaching Program & Online System

Developed for companies and teams committed to achieving business success through better relationships, The Connector’s Way Cohort Coaching Program and Online System combine the principles of Patrick Galvin’s bestselling book and the momentum generated by his speeches and presentations into a curriculum that builds participants’ skills as business relationship builders while providing them with the expertise, accountability and support they need to reach measurable goals.

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Beyond Networking: Patrick Galvin discusses The Connector’s Way (and why networking and connecting are not the same)

Speaker, author and coach Patrick Galvin discusses the inspiration behind his business parable, The Connector’s Wayand how readers can apply the book’s Seven Rules for Building Business One Relationship at a Time to achieve greater personal and professional success. 

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What People Are Saying

“In a world where people are looking for the ‘one big thing’ that will change their fortunes, this book reminds us that ‘one big thing’ is rarely the answer. It is often a series of small things that make all the difference. Best of all, the small things that the author prescribes are all doable. I highly recommend this book.”
Richard Fenton, author, Go for No!

“The single best book I’ve read on how to build lasting relationships. I found myself writing notes after every chapter and have referred back to the stories over and over. If you are in any kind of business or role where relationships and/or referrals are your lifeblood (and who’s not?), do yourself a favor and read this book.”
Michael Knouse, business and performance coach

“I’m so grateful for this book since it inspired my successful business plan this year. Its simple yet powerful rules for building business one relationship at a time would work well for companies of any size and in any industry.”
Tammy Wittren, loan originator, Guild Mortgage Company

“This book illustrates the best practices of great connectors in an easy-to-read, fun story. It is a reminder that good things happen naturally when we serve others.”
Paul Witkay, founder and CEO, Alliance of Chief Executives

“Even in this digital age, business to business transactions (and specifically insurance) are about relationships and this book reignites the passion behind relationship building. I purchased 100 copies to pass out to my sales team.”
Garth Hamilton, chief sales officer, HUB International Northwest

“If you’re seeking to grow your client base, look no further. You’ll learn the fundamentals of building successful, quality connections that enrich your life professionally and personally.”
Randi Guthard, vice president – private client relationship manager, First Tennessee Bank

“Our world is not made of atoms. It is made of relationships. Success in life and business comes from strong connections. This book is the perfect how-to manual for making and keeping friendships and clients. This easy read will leave you with insight and inspiration.”
Anthony Sandberg, founder and president, OCSC Sailing

“I can’t remember the last time I was so productive from a business development standpoint. Following the book’s clear and profound relationship building guidelines, I know that our business will continue to grow with quality clients and friends.”
Nic Wilson, realtor, The Laue Team at Hasson Company Realtors

The Connector’s Way is fun and insightful. It reminds me of my all-time favorite books, The Richest Man in Babylon and The Go-Giver.  If you liked either of those, you will certainly love this book too!”
Yasmin Nguyen, CEO, Vibrance Global

“This book has many valuable lessons on networking, customer service, being genuine and looking for ways to serve. It’s also very heartwarming and inspired me in ways that I didn’t expect from a business book.”
Terence Bedford, sales director, GuideOne Insurance

“I’m a long time devotee of networking and consider myself a black belt level networker. The book is filled with great reminders and provided some new ideas that I implemented immediately. It has helped me make money and can do the same for any business person.”
James Adair, loan officer, The PDX Home Loan Team at Sierra Pacific Mortgage

“This is an excellent reminder of how real business is built: through human caring and relationships. We’re reminded that one kindness leads to another and that good business practices impact our home lives as well. Simple yet profound, the story is particularly relevant in today’s technological world.”
Al Jubitz, president, Jubitz Family Foundation

“This concise and fun story makes a compelling case for relationship-based selling. I finished the book in one evening and changed my relationship practices that same week.”
Curt Nichols, account executive, Vertiv

“I’ve read many books and attended many workshops on networking. So when I picked up this book, I didn’t have high expectations of learning anything new. How wrong was I! I’ve changed how I network and it’s far more fun and effective than ever.”
Tessa Stowe, business coach

“With so many real life business and relationship building strategies, I couldn’t put this book down. It’s great for anyone looking to increase their business regardless of the industry they’re in.”
Jim McCord, author of A Revolution in Real Estate Sales

“This book is fantastic and reinforces the fact that business in the modern world is no different than that of the past: relationships are critical and being in touch with your community and other businesses around you breeds business. People buy from people after all. I was VERY fortunate to attend one of Patrick’s seminars. His manner was easy and engaging, and I felt as if he was talking to me directly despite the other 300+ people in the room. I hope that this review spurs you to buy this book, and perhaps attend (or even host) one of his seminars. JUST BE PREPARED. Life will not be the same again thereafter.”
Dan Johnson, managing director at HydroVue Ltd. (United Kingdom)

“This book has many wonderful examples of the power of connecting woven into the story. It makes you want to put the book down and go out into the world immediately. I’d recommend it to anyone looking for ways to grow a community, grow a business or grow as a person.”
Amy Agnelli, chief adventure officer, The Adventure Project