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To Combat Loneliness, Build Stronger Connections

The numbers are hard to fathom: One in five Americans suffers from persistent loneliness. Loneliness increases the chances of preventable death by 14% which is nearly double the risk of early death by obesity. Many of us are connected to people who are lonely. Yet, we...

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Gratitude in Action

With thousands of daily distractions competing for our attention, it's important to our health and happiness to take a deep breath and take stock of everything we have to be grateful for. Our gratitude should extend not only to our family and friends, but also to the...

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Make Success a Team Effort

Ask any successful person how he or she got where they are and they'll probably admit that they couldn't have done it own their own. It's also likely that they weren't afraid to ask for help along the way. In the same way that you can't serve others if you don't know...

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5 Ways to Grow Your Insurance Agency with Referrals

One of the most effective ways to grow your insurance agency is through referrals from clients and professional connections. Yet surprisingly, many insurance professionals don’t have systems in place to help generate a continuous flow of referrals. The Credibility...

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20 Ways to Exceed Expectations

We live in a technology driven world. At the same time, it seems that the more we try to digitize and automate things, the more apparent it becomes: All business is personal. Like any relationship, a business relationship needs ongoing care and attention in order to...

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Givers Gain: What Rotary Taught Me About Serving Others

When I was 23-years-old, I was incredibly fortunate to receive a full scholarship for a year of graduate studies in Latin American History at the University of São Paulo, Brazil from Rotary International. That year changed my life in many positive ways both personally...

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Relationship Marketing Strategies That Pay Off

Relationship marketing is often the difference between and success failure in business. Sometimes called "loyalty marketing" or "retention marketing," relationship marketing is about creating connections with customers and prospects that lead to loyalty and referrals....

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To Build Better Relationships, Think Different

In the "Science of Making Friends," Wall Street Journal writer Elizabeth Bernstein describes going on a series of "friend dates" in an effort to expand her circle of connections. She explains how looking with intention is key to making new friends and building...

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