What does it mean to build an experiential life? For real estate entrepreneur Chris Suarez, it is about empowering others to build businesses that fund lifetime experiences and provide time for family and meaningful relationships.

It makes sense, then, that Chris and I are strategically aligned on the core principles of trust-based relationship building. We’ve both made strong relationships core to our business success—and strong relationships are what define our personal lives, too.

I guess you can say that Chris and I are both singing from the same hymnbook, which is why I was delighted to spend some time with Chris talking about trust-based relationship building for his popular Xperience Growth Podcast.

I hope you have a chance to listen to the 40-minute episode, in which we dive deep into the simple yet powerful lessons from my books (part of The Way series of business parables), including ‘The Seven Rules for Building Business One Relationship at a Time’ and ‘The Four-Way Test’ for ethical decision making. The lessons apply equally to real estate and mortgage professionals as they do for anyone in business who seeks to build and experiential life.

Here are just a few of the highlights from our wide-ranging conversation:

  • Building trust takes time. It’s not the fastest way to build a business, but it’s the only way to build a business that lasts.
  • Anybody can become a great relationship builder if they work at it—even introverts. What it requires is intentionality, and great listening skills.
  • Today’s “hustle” culture is in complete friction with the concepts of trust-based relationship building. Instead of idolizing people who fast-track wealth and success, we should look for inspiration in those who serve others without considering how they will benefit.

Lastly, I’d like to leave you with a question: Can you trace your biggest personal and professional wins back to their “alpha point,” i.e., where they came from? Chances are, they came from strong, trust-based relationships that were cultivated over time—and which are the secret to living a fully “xperiential” life!


To learn more about Chris Suarez and his mission to create experiential lives through real estate, please visit his website. If you want to grow your own relationship building confidence and skill, or build a relationship-focused company or team, check out The Galvanizing Group’s books, courses and coaching services—or contact us here.