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How to Help Others Succeed

Along with a connector’s mindset comes a conviction that helping others leads to personal happiness and professional success. Yet finding meaningful ways to be of service to other people is not as simple as it sounds. Helping others takes time, effort and...

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How to Become a Better Connector

“Call it a clan, call it a network, call it a tribe, call it a family. Whatever you call it, whoever you are, you need one.” – Jane Howard (1936-1996) Jane Howard was an American journalist, writer and editor whose most well-known work was a...

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The Sweet Secret Behind Positive Word of Mouth

As a professional speaker, I deliver a speech called “Galvanizing Your Business with Word of Mouth Marketing” to CEOs and entrepreneurs around the country. Without exception, audiences are intrigued by a simple yet powerful concept that I call “the thirteenth cookie.”...

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Presentation Tips to Improve Your Public Speaking

Public speaking is the second most common fear among Americans, right behind snakes according to a Gallup poll. This fear can manifest as glossophobia, an extreme fear of public speaking, to lesser yet still stressful states of anxiety. “90% of how well the talk...

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10 Tips for Building Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn

In presentations to sales and marketing teams around the country, I talk about the role of social media in networking and building a strong personal brand. In this blog post, I share ten tips for using one platform in particular: LinkedIn. First, if you don’t already...

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Make Every Day a Day of Gratitude

Here’s a fun fact: World Gratitude Day is on September 21. It dates back to 1965 when the United Nations Meditation Group recognized it as a day to express appreciation for the positive things that individuals and groups do around the world. With thousands of...

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