In my speeches and in my client work, I talk about the power of a personal brand and of being of service to others. In fact, one of the Seven Rules for Building Business One Relationship at a Time from The Connector’s Way states:

Serve others without consideration for how you will benefit.

Defining Service

Being of service to others is identifying the knowledge, strengths and gifts that are unique to you and which can be used to help others advance their goals. In the words of Zig Ziglar, American author, salesman and motivational speaker: “You can have everything in life you want if you will just help other people get what they want.”

Sounds simple, right? There’s just one problem. Too often, we focus on what we aren’t (“I should be”) instead of acknowledging how awesome we already are (“I am”).

To become great connectors, we need to shift our thinking. One way to do that is to think of ourselves as brands. Consider this: Companies spend billions of dollars developing brands to set themselves apart from everyone else. As connectors and relationship builders, we can do the same (without the billions of dollars, thankfully).

Elements of a Personal Brand Vision

A personal brand vision is your way of telling the world who you are and the difference you make. Below are two personal brand vision statements. As you read through each statement, imagine the people being described. Who are they? What are they passionate about? What skills, traits and abilities do they want to be known for?

Brand Vision Statement – Example #1

“As a life-long resident of this city and a realtor for over 20 years, I use my insider’s knowledge to help my clients realize their dreams while giving back to the local community and serving the people who live here.”

Brand Vision Statement – Example #2

“I am a health and wellness coach committed to helping super-busy professionals eat better and exercise smarter so they stay physically fit and have more time and energy for the people and things they love.”

Believe in Yourself & Others Will Believe in You

There is no right or wrong way to format a brand vision statement. But you’ll know when you get it right because you’ll articulate it clearly, concisely and consistently to project a sense of confidence that gets other people to sit up and take notice.

Good luck developing your own personal brand vision statement!