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Mto wa Mbu, Tanzania

Spent a day of inspiration, learning and connection with secondary students of The Mungere School in rural Tanzania, part of The Red Sweater Project.

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What These Students in Tanzania Taught Me About Connecting

I was looking for a cool spot to enjoy my boxed lunch when I saw a group of 15 to 20 teenage girls on their midday school break chatting and enjoying the shade on rustic wood benches. I asked whether I could join them—and their faces lit up. My Name is Giraffe “What...

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Why a Face-to-Face Meeting is Worth the Extra Effort

Think about everything you do with the click of a button. Can any of those actions be replaced with a face-to-face meeting? I recently loaded 250 signed copies of The Connector's Way into the car and drove across town to CU Business Group. I'm the keynote speaker for...

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Create a Powerful Personal Brand

In my speeches and in my client work, I talk about the power of a personal brand and of being of service to others. In fact, one of the Seven Rules for Building Business One Relationship at a Time from The Connector's Way states: Serve others without consideration for...

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Four Simple Tips for Cultivating Connections

April showers bring May flowers. Right? Growing flowers from seeds planted weeks or even months ago takes more than just a few drops of rain. A fair amount of TLC is required as well. As business people and entrepreneurs, we need to cultivate our connections with the...

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What’s in a Name: Creating Memorable Connections

With a first name like Patrick and a surname like Galvin, you can be sure I'll be wearing a bit o' the green on St. Patrick's Day! Galvin is not only the perfect name for the 17th of March, but also the inspiration for The Galvanizing Group, the company I co-founded...

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Connection Rejection? Don’t Take It Personally!

As business professionals, we know that connecting with others is important for our success. Yet too many of us are convinced that we aren’t very good at making or maintaining new relationships. Usually, it’s our own mental barriers that hold us back. Instead of...

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The Sweetest Sound: Conversation & Connection

Have you ever wondered about the origin of the conversation hearts that have become a Valentine’s Day staple? According to the National Confectioners Association, early American colonists made homemade candies with love notes scratched on the surface. In the...

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