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The Sweetest Sound: Conversation & Connection

Have you ever wondered about the origin of the conversation hearts that have become a Valentine’s Day staple? According to the National Confectioners Association, early American colonists made homemade candies with love notes scratched on the surface. In the...

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Make Success a Team Effort

Ask any successful person how he or she got where they are and they'll probably admit that they couldn't have done it own their own. It's also likely that they weren't afraid to ask for help along the way. In the same way that you can't serve others if you don't know...

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Presentation Tips to Improve Your Public Speaking

Public speaking is the second most common fear among Americans, right behind snakes according to a Gallup poll. This fear can manifest as glossophobia, an extreme fear of public speaking, to lesser yet still stressful states of anxiety. "90% of how well the talk will...

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